HappeningKC  A Christian Ministry for Youth and Young Adults

The Event
During the weekend, students hear talks given by
youth leaders and by their peers on aspects
of the Christian journey: faith, Jesus Christ, grace.
They also participate in discussion groups and
worship services, play games, share meals and
develop their understanding of what it means to be in 
relationship with Christ and to follow Him wholeheartedly

The weekend starts on Friday evening at 8:00 pm and concludes around
6:00 pm on Sunday. Youth should plan on staying the entire weekend,
not leaving before the activities are completed on Sunday, unless there
is an emergency.

The Details
The fee of $80.00 covers the meals, lodging, and supplies for the weekend.
​Check or money order MUST be mailed with the application, payable to
​Happening Ecumenical, Inc. Check or money order will be cashed after the
​Happening event. Payment may also be made through PayPal or by credit card. ​
​Money and applications must be received prior to the event. Applications are
​processed on a first-come first- served basis. Once all of
​the spots fill, we will have a waiting list in case of a cancellation.

Students who are in the 9th - 12th grades may attend. Applications for the new 9th graders will be accepted
​June 1st of the year that they completed the 8th grade. Graduating seniors will be eligible to attend a weekend
​until September 1st of the year in which they graduate. Youth Ministers, directors, and sponsors are also
​encouraged to attend!

HAPPENING ECUMENICAL(R) Statement of Faith​​