In 1987, Happening Ecumenical was officially formed as a corporation to meet the growing interest of youth who desired to attend a Happening weekend event. Ken Wills, founder and Executive Director, managed the daily business of Happening Ecumenical and led the weekend events. Local pastors, parents, and volunteers formed the first Board of Directors which met on a monthly basis to oversee the ongoing aspects of the corporation.
HappeningKC   Growing Relentless Christ Followers

 In 1980, a group of local pastors in the Kansas City area met to explore the possibility of creating a "Happening" experience for youth who did not attend an Episcopal church. With the blessing of the Episcopal Happening leadership, local pastors developed the schedule and outline of the script that is the basis for the present Happening Ecumenical weekend experience. "Happening" weekends were held twice a year in local churches under the volunteer leadership of Laura Reese. The "Happening" experience quickly grew in popularity and in numbers. By the mid 1980's the waiting list to attend a "Happening" weekend reached 75 students. By this time, weekend leadership was being shared by Nancy Kopp and Ken Wills